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At Woman First you can find the right help and the highest level of care.

Nadine has become Consultant Gynaecologist & Specialist in minimally invasive surgery at University of Bologna (Italy), which is the oldest university in the world, known as the highest-learning and degree-awarding institute.

She is an expert in the treatment and management of endometriosis, pelvic pain and she offers an individual approach from the diagnosis to treatment.

She also treats other benign gynaecological conditions such as menstrual problems, ovarian cysts and fibroids.

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Our Philosophy

The knowledge of endometriosis and benign gynaecology is continuously growing, and it is essential for you to choose the right service with a highly experienced and up to date staff.

We are here to discuss with you the impact of gynaecological conditions on all aspects of your life and to share our findings in an organised, compassionate, and structured way.

We believe patients themselves have to be knowledgeable about the condition to make the right decision and to be the inner leadership of their health.

Here you can find some information to understand symptoms, diagnosis and treatments of the most common benign gynaecological conditions.

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Woman first

Our primary drive is you. Gynaecological conditions and especially endometriosis can severely affect your quality of life, relationship and achievements. We believe in our service which is focused on you as a woman and not only on the disease.

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World-class care

We are focused on excellence. We work for patients' values. We believe in theintegration of clinical expertise and the best available evidence in the process of decisionmaking related to the patient’s health care.

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Win and success

We are committed to improving women life. Our mission is to deliver high quality for all our services and to recognise the unique value of each woman. We listen to you carefully and empathetically; we operate with compassion and kindness; we embrace together the best treatment for you.

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We believe that your worries, your questions, your symptoms and your quality of life come first.

Our approach starts with listening carefully and empathically to your medical history; we record your symptoms and expectations in details, and we proceed with specific questions which will bring us to a diagnosis.

Gynaecological examination and ultrasound are essential components of our specialised service to investigate your symptoms and potential pathologies correlated.

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After our diagnostic pathway, we can discuss treatment options with you and make the right decision for you and your symptoms.

If surgery is indicated in your case, a further explanation on risks and benefit will be carried over.

We perform minimally invasive surgery and only in very specific cases we proceed with open surgery. If any investigations or treatments inside the uterine cavity are needed, we perform a procedure called hysteroscopy.